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Hamraa Insurance Company
About Us
About us
Pioneering the
Insurance Industry
Since 2001
Because in an inconsistent and challenging environment such as Iraq’s, we understand that individuals and businesses need a strong, diligent partner who could safeguard their interests from any circumstances.
Therefore, since our beginning in 2001, we made it our mission to constantly improve ourselves so we could provide our stakeholders with the best services in the country, and at the lowest cost possible. That has made us experts in the market and this vast experience is currently empowering us to stay ahead of all the other competitors and protect our client’s interests by offering a variety of diverse products and services to meet our customers’ different needs and that are very fit to our fast-paced and changing daily life.
We are well prepared and equipped to compete in the emerging insurance market. We are currently offering the best insurance policy covers that are optimized for the current situation, such as Life and Annuities Insurance, Health/Medical Insurance, Car/Vehicle Insurance, Aviation Insurance, Financial Reinsurance, Guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance, Group Insurance, Marine Insurance/Shipping Insurance, Travel Insurance, Liability Insurance/Professional Liability Insurance and Property and Casualty Insurance et al.
To increase Iraq’s population insurance policy covers inclusiveness.
Educating people on the importance of being insured and offering them affordable, tailored policies with excellent customer-centered approach.
Our Values
Our clients are
at the heart
of our business
Innovation: We are a progressive company that strives to offer excellent contemporary service to its clients that match what it is offered in today’s modern markets.
Excellence: We are experienced in the market’s dynamic changes and well-equipped to provide unmatched service tailored to the client’s needs.
Commitment: We are loyal to our stakeholders as we believe that our people are our greatest strength.
Accountability: We are consistent in providing unrivaled support to our business partners.